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Bill Mitchell, Managing PartnerMaximize your career potential.

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  • Current C-Suite Executives

  • Persons Aspiring To Be CxO's

  • Highly Compensated Professionals

  • Wants to proactively manage his/her career

Target Client Profile

  • Current C-Suite Executives

  • Persons Aspiring To Be CxO's

  • Senior Executive OutPlacement

  • Highly Compensated Professionals

Our Value Proposition

  • Multiplication of efforts

  • Focused efforts

  • Shorter search time

  • Preperation

  • Minimize unforced errors

  • Privacy

  • Maximize earnings

  • Career happiness

  • ROI

  • Lifetime Relationship


  • Identify The Job Opportunity

  • Identify The Decisionmaker

  • Shape The Narrative

Stand Out
From The Crowd

  • Prepare: People, Culture, Job

  • Present: You Are The Solution

  • Followup: Control The Narrative


Become Known
A Thought Leader
Find A CXO Job Faster


Recognized Authority
Thought Leader
Identity Campaigns

We position you to be the expert, the Thought Leader.
Get on the radar of influencers and decisionmakers.
Maximize your career potential.

  • Position You For Career Success

  • Get On The Radar Of Influencers

  • Become Known By DecisionMakers


Executive Job
Change Campaigns

Find executive jobs before they are widely publicized. Stand out, shape the narrative, you are the solution.

  • The Fastest Way To Change Jobs

  • Uncover The Hidden Job Market

  • Get Past Gatekeepers

  • Connect To DecisionMakers


C-Suite As A Service
Add Expertise & Productivity
Without Adding HeadCount

We provide a full suite of services to companies who do not need a full time COO or the current team does not have the time or expertise to fully engage a problem or opportunity.

  • Solve Difficult Business Problems

  • Strict Confidentiality Observed

  • All Industries

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Find Your Next Great Job

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gap resolution

Become Known When Unknown

Will Your Career Survive
A DownTurn

MergersBoard DynamicsGaps: skills, expertiseManagement StyleGenuine ConnectionsNever Too Early

C-Suite Turnover
At Record High

CEO Turnover 19%/Yr39% Forced OutMedian Tenure 5 Years

Howard Schultz returning to StarbucksThe number of CEOs who left their job up 16% YoY in the final quarter of 2021Bose replaces its CEO434 CEOs left job in Q3-2019Bob Iger steps down as CEO at Disney219 CEO's Left Their Posts in Jan
Highest Turnover Month on Record
Previous record 172 in Oct 2019
Sony/ATV President ExitsTribune Publishing names new CEOFirst Majestic names new COOHulu CEO steps downIBM CEO steps down.WeWork has a new CEO

Become Known
When You
Are Unknown

SkillsetEmotional IntelligenceLikeabilityRecognized Authority


Executive Job
Change Campaigns

Landing a executive job
takes Preparation and Effort

The internet makes it look easy
A few clicks and thousands of people
apply for the same job.

We Stack The Odds
In Our Clients Favor

Custom Playbook

Prepare Them To Standout

High Quality Collateral

Multi-Mode Campaign

Connect To Decision Makers
Hiring Managers

Build Relationships
Real Connections

Showcase Value
Dollarize Results
Show Impact

Full Support & DIY Campaigns


1:1 Service

Comprehensive Solutions

Minimize Over Exposure

Interests Aligned

Position You As The Solution

confidential plans available

Executives looking for the
best and fastest way to land
their next Sr. opportunity
Transitioning executives
who are no longer the right fit
for their organization


Recognized Authority
Identity Campaigns

Landing a new job is tough.Less than 3% of the
people who apply for a job
get an interview.


C-Suite As-A-Service

We Help You
Solve Problems
Capture Opportunities

  • Control The Narrative

  • Target Opportunities

  • Be The Solution

  • Become Known




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  • Be Proactive

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  • Influencers & Decision Makers

Build Connections

  • Network With A Purpose

  • Influencers & Decision Makers

  • Become Known

Prepare To Impress

  • Marketing Materials

  • Practice / Role Play

  • SWOT

Be The Solution

  • Emphasize Your Strengths

  • Minimize Weakness

  • Always Be Closing

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CyberSecurity Risk Management For The C-Suite

DNP: Confidential

90 Day Plan1st things to do before planning a career moveNever too early to look for a job10 sourcesfor job leadsLists to start a jobsearchLacking Experience
Not enough experience
Become Known / Recognized AuthorityBecome KnownBIOProffessional Bio TemplateBusiness Model Canvas
Value Proposition
ConsultingStarting A Consulting Business: Determine Your RatesWhat It Takes To Be A Successful Mgt ConsultantBoomer Friendly Consultancy 1 Man / $3MM/YrDon't Use These Jargon WordsMgt Consulting Rebounding 2021Be Confident Not ArrogantCyberSecurityCyberSecurity Risk Management For C-Suitecybersecurity pros wantedDigital Dirt RemovalDelete your records from public records websitesWhy you care about your digital footpringFind all accounts linked to your email or phoneManage FB privacy settings for specific postsRemove Sensitive Information from Google SearchHow FB knows so much about youCleanup your digital historyDelete your digital footprintProtect your online reputation remove a webpageUpdate your online PresenceRemove yourself from the internetAvoid leaving tracks on the internetReputation ManagementDirect Mail Campaign
IMP-Write a Letter
EducationFutureproof Your Career With Online EducationInterviewing
Things to research before you inteerview
Interview Blind SpotsNever do this before a InterviewShow you are the best candidate in interviewJob Search
7 steps of job search)
Job Search StrategiesIMP-Conduct a secret job searchIMP-How to start a job searchMentoring
Be A Good Mentor
Org Charts
Org Charts
Reference Checks
How reference checks go Bad
Resume not just for job search
IMP - Guide to using Twitter
Become VC w/o Capital


04/25 - Amazon 2nd Staten Island warehouse holding union vote.04/08 - Life expectancy in the USA now 76.6 Years; 5 years less than peer nations.04/01 - Amazon's Staten Island facility votes to unionize. Is this the beginning of a trend in America?03/31 - TSMC says global demand for consumer electronics slowing down, geopolitical & covid related. Automotive & high-performance computing are still strong.03/30 - Biden expected to release 1Million barrels of oil per day, for 180 days, from strategic reserves to fight inflation.03/29 - Are we headed for a recession? The bond market just flashed a warning sign that has correctly predicted almost every recession over the past 60 years: an inversion of the US Treasury note yield curve.03/28 - Apple scaling back production of new iPhone SE by 2M units and Airpods by 10M units.03/28 - Report predicts Instagram will help NFTs go mainstream, create NFT marketplace. Confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW.03/24 - Apple exploring hardware as a service, a subscription service, with monthly payments, selling iPhones.03/16 - Starbucks, Howard Schultz returning as interim CEO


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1st ImpressionAgeismAIBitcoinBlockchainCFOCleantechCorrespondenceCorporate GovernanceCryptoCyber SecurityDecisionmaking FrameworkDeFiDigital DirtDigital MediaemailEmotional IntelligenceEstate PlanningExecutive RecruiterHealth & WellnessHobbiesJob Offer ProcessKPIMentor / SponsorMetaverseNFTNew Job - OnboardingOnLine / Social MediaPrivacyProfessional DevelopmentQualificationsRecognized AuthorityRemote WorkReferencesResignationSalary NegotiationStartupStationary & SuppliesSupply ChainSustainable: energy, waterTravelUnemployedWeb3Work From Home




AI For CXOsJohn Deere is Leading the way in AIAI To Reshape Future


How To Beat Age DiscriminationKeeping Your Job Past 50Why older workers find themselves unemployedOlder workers Pushed Out of the Job MarketResponding To Ageism In Job InterviewBeat Age Bias in Your Job SearchJob Search Tips When You Are Over 50Older workers be Proactive about Your FutureReverse Mentoring to Retain Older WorkersResume tips for Older Job ApplicantsMistakes Older Jobseekers must Avoid


Before You Buy BitcoinUnderstanding Proof Of Work90% of all bitcoin has been mined, what's nextCould Bitcoin explode by 1,000%Here is how much energy it takes to mine Bitcoin


Virtual CFOThe CFOs Role In Digital Transformation


Crypto On GarageSeeds

Crypto StakingHere is how much energy it takes to mine BitcoinHow To Buy DogeCoin & Precautions to take


What is a Supply Chain Attack


The Boy Who Could DeFi


Top Cryptos To Use in the Metaverse2nd life has a lot to say about these new metaverses


KPICreate KPIs to match strateic imperatives


What is an NFTNFT Scammer steals Bored Apes worth $500K NFTs Are Not CryptocurrencyNFT: what to know before buyingNFTs have a problem with Copyright theftWhere is the trust in the $150MM NFT Art MarketNFTs what are they worthHow To Create an NFT






Coming Soon


Amazon and Alibaba, Driving supply-chain revolution


Web3 has a lot of hype but has not taken offWeb3 could see a Boom and BustWeb3 Wallets: You night need one


The Future of Flexible Work



Core Mgt Roles At SaaS Startup[The Five Components Of Autonomous LeadershipCEO turnover at record high


Molnupiravir can eliminate mild to moderate covid symptoms within 3 daysEating 2 servings of this fruit per week cuts heart attack riskHow Long Can Coronavirus Live On Surfaces, Does Disinfect WorkThe Best Stretching ExerciseEat This To Stop A Cold Or Flu In Its TracksBasic Yoga Poses For MenYoga Poses If You Sit All Day
12 recommended yoga poses
Early Signs Of DepressionManage Anxiety When In Public30 Days of Yoga to Reduce Stress


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Virtual AccountantVirtual AssistantConsultantsDigital Dirt Removal SpecialistFacebook SEO SpecialistGoogle Ads SpecialistGoogle SEO SpecialistGraphic DesignerLinkedin CreatorMoment Blogging CreatorNutshell CRM SpecialistPodcast InterviewerProfessional PhotographersProject CoordinatorResearchersSalesforce CRMTwitter Engagement SpecialistVirtual AssistantsWebsite DesignersWriter: Pain LettersWriter: ResumeWriter: Value Proposition LettersYouTube Video Specialist


Air TravelSetup your iPhone to save your lifeTravel Hacks4 Questions That Will Land You An InFlight Upgrade
Be polite, ask if there is an opportunity to upgrade, dress like you belong in 1st class, if flight oversold ask for future upgrade.
What to do if you lose your ID before a flightAvoid Getting Blood Clots On Long FlightsWhat To Ask For When BumpedShould You Pay For TSA Precheck, Global Entry or ClearGet a refund on non refundable ticketsScore a Flight UpgradeCheapest Way To Get Into Airport LoungeFly First Class, Same Price As Economy

WiFiAccess The Internet Safely When TravelingYour Rights When You Buy A Plane Ticket


Digital Dirt RemovalYour Digital Footprint Is Larger Than You ThinkYour private data is all over the internetMug shot industry will charge you to bury your pastDelete Facebook AccountEmployers Check Your Social Media ProfilesCleanup Your Digital DirtSocial Media Identity ManagementRemove your data from people-finder sites


Under QualifiedLand a Job When You Have No Experience In The FieldLand a job you are not qualified forLand A Job You Are Under Qualified ForApply For Job While Lacking QualificationsLand A Job When Underqualified

Over QualifiedOverqualified Job Seekers Are Discriminated AgainstAvoid Being Rejected For Being OverqualifiedAvoid rejection for Qualification, Experience

GeneralProve You are Qualified


BloggingDon't Do This On Social Media

Don't Do This On Social Media
How To Delete Your Facebook Data Forever

Coming Soon

Delete Your Instagram Account
Don't Do This On Social MediaHow To Become Instagram FamousProtect Your Privacy On InstagramGet Verified On instagram

LinkedinComputer generated fake profilesBiggest Mistake People Make On LinkedInHuge Linkedin LoopholeDon't Do This On Social MediaHow to age proof your Linkedin Profile.E: Linkedin For Senior ExecutivesShould You Delete Linkedin AccountEven Linkedin May Not Get You A Job

10 Expert Linkedin Tips4 Common Linkedin mistakes.Ultimate Linkedin CheatSheet.What an effective Linkedin profile looks like.2 things your Linkedin profile must haveEssential Parts of your Linkedin.Leave these off your resume and Linkedin.Make your resume & Linkedin look professional.Enhance Your Linkedin ProfileHow To Optimize Your LinkedIn ProfileAttract Linkedin opportunities late in your careerUpdate Your Linkedin SummaryRight Way To Reply To HeadHunter on LinkedinBuild Your Brand & Career Using LinkedIn

Podcast To Create Circle Of Peers

Social MediaDon't Do This On Social MediaCraft A Perfect Social ProfileHow often should you post on social media?Use Social Media to Find A JobA company asks for your facebook PasswordChange to Your Social Media Bio, Get More Followers





1st Day On New Job


Find Your Perfect HobbyHobbies that help ease anxietyWork Less Spend More Time On Hobbies


If You Lose Your JobRecover Gracefully From Mistakes and Failures15 Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job

SeveranceEvery Employment Termination Is NegotiableHow to negotiate severance

LaidoffSigns You Might Be Losing Your Job SoonLife lessons I learned after losing a jobWhat To Say When LaidOffHow to negotiate severanceBouncing Back from Job LossRedirect After Being Fired Or Laid Off

After A Career BreakReturning To Corporate World After BreakReturning to work after Career Break

Employment GapsExplain Gaps, Freelancing & Job Hopping

Bounce Back After A Layoff
Recovery After Fired Or LaidoffWhat To Do If Fired For Poor Judgement7 Fired Executives Share AdviceHow to Explain You Were FiredIf you were fired, don’t lie, do this.Do This When LaidOffJob Search When UnemployedSteps To Take After Losing JobHow Successful People Turn Their Lives Around


Write A Good Resignation LetterWhat you can learn from being asked to resignResigning GracefullyQuit Job Without New Job Lined Up


GeneralFind The Perfect Word For Your Writing With These Tools

Cover LettersNew Rules to Write A Cover LetterThe Best Cover LetterStrong Ways To Close Cover Letter

E-MailEmail Like A CEOI Tried Emailing Like A CEOEmailing Like A CEO Made My Life BetterFollowing Up A Cold Call EmailSend Later: Schedule Your EmailsWrite Emails Busy People ReadWrite The Perfect EmailWrite Better Cole EmailsEmail MistakesWrite Email To Get What You WantHow To Get People To Respond To Your EmailsDont Use AOL or HotMail For Your Job Hunt

Thank You NotesThank You Note: Email or HandwrittenHow to write a thank you noteAvoid these thank you note mistakesYes, Send A Thank You NoteSend HandWritten Notes Like ProDon't Say This In Thank You Note

Pain LettersHow To Use Pain Letters

Value PropositionsCreate an Irresistible Value Proposition


7 Excellent Ink Pens

Personal Cards
Handwritten Notes
All Occasion Cards
Paper Stock


UpSkilling5 Upskilling Models

Career DevelopmentHow To Be Employable ForeverTake control of your career.Get your career on track.The best mentors ask these questions.Essential career lessons.Is Someone As Smart As They ThinkWhy Talented People Fail Under Pressure

CoachingSigns an Executive Isn’t Ready for CoachingHow Successful People Turn Their Lives Around

Mentors / SponsorsDifference Between a Coach, Mentor or TherapistDon't Ask For Mentors, Ask For SponsorsReverse Mentoring to Retain Older Workers

Body Language
8 Body Language Cues


Salary NegotiationSimple Rules For Negotiating SalaryNegotiate a Higher Salary5 Salary Negotiating Mistakes $750k Negotiating MistakeNegotiating salary over email.Tricky Salary Questions.Phrases to avoid when discussing salary.How To Negotiate Your Salary Like A BossCorporate Executives Make More Money Than Anybody ReportsHow To Negotiate A Higher SalaryA New Tool Helps Tackle Tricky Salary NegotiationsThe Conflicted Advisors Behind CEO Salaries6 Steps To Salary IncreaseSalary Negotiation Done RightListen Like Hostage Negotiator6 Strategies To Excel In NegotiationsWhen to Discuss Salary in a Job InterviewWhat To Say During Salary Negotiationsthe worst salary negotiating tactic

Salary Negotiation

What Is Your Current SalaryWhat Is Your Salary RangeThink twice before revealing previous salary.When They Ask: Whats Your Current SalaryWhat is your Current SalaryHow to answer the salary question

Before You Accept A Job Offer10 Signs you should not take the job Essential Questions To Ask

Counter Offers
When You Get A Counter Offer

Stock Optionsnp
ISO vs Non ISO Stock Options

How To Turn Down Job OfferHow To Turn Down Job Offer


Don't provide references until after last interviewCalling A Potential Hire's ReferenceAre Reference Checks NeededRun A Background Check On YourselfReference Cheat SheetPositive references help you land the job


Career Change ChecklistChanging CareersMake A Career ChangeShould You Accept a Lower-Level Job After a Career Break?

Watch For These MistakesCareer Switching Mistake

Change IndustriesConnect with these people when changing Industries.

After 40Change Careers After 40Reinvent Your Career At MidLife


Board Of DirectorsBOD: Cyber Security RisksDon’t whine about pesky board members, get on the same pageHow To Manage A BoardWhat makes a great board member.BOD set your new CEO up for success.10 Tips To Work With Your BoardBoard Of Directors: Role and ResponsibilitiesBoard MeetingsSelect Great Board MembersGuide To Managing The BoardReason To Hold Board MeetingsBetter Board DiscussionsSelecting Board MembersSelecting Board Members IIDeveloping An Executive Succession PlanFind A Sounding Board Outside Of Your Company


Ho To Delete OnLine AccountsStop your email from tracking youYour Digital Footprint Is Larger Than You ThinkYour Private Data Is All Over The InternetWho has your data, how to delete itUse this browser to block online trackersHow to Delete 99 Per Cent of Your Digital FootprintChange These Settings Keep Google From Tracking YouChange these default privacy settings immediately.Increase your online privacy.Secure Your Twitter Account.Your identity can be stolen in 45 minutes.How to opt out of facebook data sharingProtect yourself from hackers taking over your phoneAutomatically delete your Google Location and Web ActivitySend Confidential Gmail MessagesProtect Your OnLine PrivacyDelete Facebook AccountGmail Tracks All Your PurchasesWhatsApp and Telegram Flaw Exposes InfoHas Your Computer Has Been Tampered WithUse Brave Browser For PrivacyRemove your data from people-finder sitesGoogle Has My Dead Grandpa's Data And He Never Used The InternetHow to fully disable Google location tracking on your smartphone


Embrace Personal BrandingMake Your Personal Brand ShineBoost Your Career With Online Personal BrandingTake Your Personal Brand To The Next LevelBrand Yourself As A Leader8 Ways You're Destroying Your Personal Brand.Build A Personal BrandPersonal BrandingWays to Build Your Personal BrandBuild A Personal BrandDevelop Your Personal Brand Like a Marketing Professional


Build Your Network8 Habits That Will Make You a More Effective NetworkerWhen You Don't Know Anyone In The RoomThe 9 Skills To Become A Super ConnectorThe Perfect Business LunchBecome Well ConnectedCreate A Powerful NetworkBetter Small Talk3 Phases of NetworkingListen Like Hostage NegotiatorBe LikeableBuild Meaningful RelationshipsWhen You Meet Someone NewHow To Network Like A BossInstantly Build RapportCharm Someone You've Never Met Before


Tell recruiters these things.The secrets of Executive RecruitersInside the recruiters head, what he is really askingWhat Recruiters Look At On Your ResumeWorking With A RecruiterThings Recruiters KnowLinkedin / Social MediaRight Way To Reply To HeadHunter on LinkedinRecruiters look at more than your Linkedin account.Getting NoticedRecruiters Look For These TraitsWhat Makes Candidates Stand OutMake Recruiters Come To YouHow To Get Noticed By RecruitersGhostingWhen a recruiter ghosts you


How Can I Make Sure I Don’t End Up in Another Horrible JobFocus on the job search process.Reasons you might not get job offers.Use spreadsheet to track job searchDon't Use Outdated Job Search TechniquesCostly Job Search AssumptionsSuper Successful Job ChangersMistakes That Slowdown Your Job SearchConvince Employer You Want JobBrutal Truth To Finding A JobStrategies To Stand OutMake Recruiters Come To YouJob Search Can Make You BetterWhat's Wrong With Your Job SearchMistakes Executive Job Seekers MakeJob Seekers Will Be Lied ToSecrets Of People Who Always Get Job OffersWhat Makes Candidates Stand Out

When Recruiters and Employers Ghost You
How To Get People To Respond To Your Emails

Long Job SearchHow to cope with long job huntScorched Earth Job StrategyQuick Ways To Renew Job SearchExplaining The Gap In Your ResumeChange Careers After 40


E: Linkedin For Senior ExecutivesFind a Full Time Job When over 50Avoid Getting Fired When You’re Over 50Ageism at work starts earlier than you thinkI’m 50 and job seekingHow to age proof your resume.Lets talk about age discrimination.My illness helped me land a dream job.Ways older workers combat age discrimination.Looking for a job when you are older.Facebook used to screen out older workers.Older workers get fewer responses from recruiters.No Longer Young, Looking For Job11 things to leave off your resumeAge Discrimination: What It Looks LikeChange Resume, Avoid Age DiscriminationNetworking For People Over 50Make Recruiters Come To YouHandling Job RejectionAm I Too OldShould You Lie About Your AgeChange Careers After 40Attract Linkedin opportunities late in your careerResponding To Ageism In Job InterviewOverqualified Combat Built-In Bias


E: Ace the Interview
How To Close An Interview To Land The Job
Why Talented People Fail Under PressureYour Most Impressive Accomplishments Won't Get You HiredSurvive awkward Interview situationsWays interviewers learn what you are really like.Get The 2nd InterviewGet An Interview

Interview PrepInterview Research TechniquesJob Interview InsightsIntrovert Interview PreparationRehearse For The InterviewPrepare for Job Interviews

Dress For Interview[Interview Lies

What To WearDon't Wear this color to an interview

Control The Tone Of The InterviewStrike The Right Tone In The InterviewSharpen Your StoryTelling SkillsInterview Lies Control the InterviewHow to sound authentic in an interview.8 Rules for Nailing a Job InterviewDon't look like you’re trying too hardAlways Do This In An InterviewWhat CEOs Notice In InterviewsHow To Change Someones MindSurvive 10 Awkward Interview Situations

Ask These QuestionsTell Me about a mistake you madeE: Interview questions to ask.The boldest question to ask in a job interviewInterview Strategy To Uncover Toxic TeamQuestions To Ask At End Of InterviewImpressive Interview Questions To Ask

Body LanguageWatch Your Body Language

Handling Salary QuestionsHandling Salary Expectation Questions.

OnLine or Phone Interview?Chatbot InterviewsPrepare For A Skype InterviewKeep Your Skype Interview From Going Viral

Work For Free?when a hiring manager wants you to work for free

Group InterviewsGroup Interviewing Tips

Handle Difficult QuestionsDiscuss being Fired or LaidoffE: Answering difficult interview questions.E: Why should I hire you?What's Your Greatest WeaknessSell Me This PenInterview Questions Designed To Trick YouWhy Are You Leaving Your JobExplain Why You Want The JobTricky Interview QuestionsDescribe A WeaknessWhy do you want this jobWhy Should I Hire YouGet These 5 Interview Questions RightUnique Interview QuestionsBest way to answer "Why Do You Want This Job".Whats Your Greatest Weakness

Interview MistakesCommon Interview Mistakes7 sins to avoid when interviewingDon't Make this Interview Mistake9 interview mistakes could cost you the positionWorst final round interview mistakes.9 Silly Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Interview Questions40 Interview Questions By Sharp PeopleOriginal Answers To Interview QuestionsPrep For This Common Interview QuestionCEOs Favorite Interview Questions3 Step Formula To Answer Interview Questions7 Interview Rule For Great Hires

Business Lunch / DinnerBusiness Lunch / Dinner Rules

Interview FollowupE:The Right Way to followup after an interviewWriting a thank you note.Thank You Note Does and Don'tYou must send a thank-you note.Unique Ways To Follow Up After A Job InterviewBest Interview FollowupJob Interview Followup EmailFollowup After Interview Per ExpertDo this after the interviewDon't Do This After An Interview


10 Questions to Always Ask Before Accepting A JobNegotiate Your Full Value At Work2 ways to learn unspoken rules before accepting a jobBefore You Accept A Job OfferJob Offer Red Flags.Check these items before signing a job offerThe right way to accept a job offer.Rules for negotiating a job offer.Respectfully, decline a job offer.17 benefits to negotiate when you take a job.How to negotiate severanceFactors Beyond Salary When Evaluating a Job OfferNegotiating Employment Agreements: 14 Key IssuesBefore Accepting Job OfferHidden Job PerksBefore Leaving A Job

Employment Agreements
Negotiating Employment Agreements: 14 Key Issues


To Be successful, Chase DiscomfortWhat is thought LeadershipHow To Accelerate Your Path to CEO3 Tips on how to be more charismaticHow to Handle Forgetting Someone's NameMake someone like you in under 5 minutesWhat Is Executive PresenceInterpersonal Skills that Set You ApartHow the best CEO's get the most out of each day5 most important traits of CEOsLook like the smartest person in the meeting.Body language mistakes.Avoid negative speech habits.Reframing, Recasting negative conversations.7 Signs You Are CEO MaterialThe Perfect Business LunchHow To Change Someones Mind5 PR lessons from Jackie Kennedy OnassisWhat Makes A CEO ExceptionalHow To Run A Company MeetingStop ApologizingBetter Small TalkMust Haves To Be CEOCommon Causes Of Career BurnoutHow To Be CEOWhy Talented People Fail Under PressureCharm Someone You've Never Met Before

Emotional IntelligenceWhy Emotional Intelligence Is the New BlackHow Emotionally Intelligent People Respond to CriticismWhy Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial for SuccessHow To Show High Emotional IntelligenceEmail from CEO, masters Emotional IntelligenceHow EI Leaders Handle Ungrateful Employees9 Things That Make You Unlikable7 Interview Questions That Determine EI7 Interview Questions For Measuring EIYale's EI Test Measures Leadership19 Signs You're Emotionally IntelligentHow To Change Someones Mind21 Ways To Improve Emotional IntelligenceIdentifying Emotional Intelligence LevelsHow Successful People Turn Their Lives Around

ClothingMake Your clothing last foreverCustom-Tailored Suits Made in BangkokFit 2 weeks worth of clothing in a carryonUpgrading Your Wardrobe Can Make You More Successful.Don't Wear this color to an interviewCorporate Attire For WomenThe Best Men's Shirts Under $200Interview Fashion Advice

LeadershipAvoid Being Stretched Too Thin7 Signs People Trust Your Leadership.1 Word defines if you are a leader.How To Change Someones MindNew Leadership Skills You NeedWhat Makes A CEO ExceptionalHow To Run A Company MeetingKnow When You Might Be WrongDiffuse ConfrontationWhy Incompetent People Are ConfidentEliminate Conflict And Inspire TeamsDeal With Rude PeopleHow To Confront SomeoneWhy Talented People Fail Under PressureHow To Be A Great CEO

Interpersonal SkillsComing Soon

Thought LeadershipComing Soon


Make a great 1st impression.
Basic steps to give a genuine great 1st impression.
Lasting 1st Impression
Focus on 2 things: nonverbal & voice tone.
A Long Lasting 1st Impression
30 seconds or less for perfect 1st impression
Nailing A 1st Impression
Nail a 1st impression when millions are on the line
2 Things People Judge Immediately
Can I trust this person; can I respect this person.
Develop Charisma3 Tips on how to be more charismaticMake someone like you in under 5 minutesWhat Makes Candidates Stand OutCharm Someone You've Never Met BeforeIntroduce SomeoneProper way to introduce people.


Coming Soon


Top Resume Red FlagHybrid Resume5 Things your resume should includeWhat Does A Good Resume Look Like?How to Explain a Short Stint on Your ResumeScience based resume strategyAvoid Big Resume MistakesAge proof your resumeYour Resume has 5 seconds to grab attentionTurn your resume into interesting storiesUse numbers to highlight accomplishmentsResume Example11 Things To Leave Off Resume12 dangerous résumé mistakesResume Power WordsGet Your Resume Thru The ATSExplaining The Gap In Your ResumeCritical Things For Your ResumeThe Perfect ResumeDesign A Resume To Get HiredResume Employment Gaps6 Resume Updates To Make Right NowResume Secrets From GoogleYour Resume Should Have These 5 ThingsResume Power WordsResume Tips From A HeadhunterWhat Not To Include In A RésuméHow to Give Your Resume a MakeoverWrite A Resume for Applicant Tracking SystemsDelete these eight words from your resume5 Things to Leave Off Your ResumeHow To Write A Résumé To Get Through The Applicant Tracking System


Initial Assessment

By Appointment OnlyNo-Fee
Up to 45 minutes
$395 Value
Documents: Resume, Bio, Performance Appraisal, etc.Goals
Efforts To Date
Current Compensation: Base, Cash Bonus, Stock Award, Perks
Target Compensation
Family Considerations
Geographic Preference
Geographic Limitations
Current Industry
Industry Preferences
Special Circumstances

Statement Of Work


Customized Campaigns



Coming Soon


Board Of Directors
Advisory Boards

Coming Soon


Change Industries

Coming Soon


Postal Mail Campaign

Executive Stationary-
Postal Mail Campaign-
Value Proposition Letter(s)-
Network Analysis-
Hand Signed-


Become Known - When Unknown

Research Project(s)Optional
Executive Bio(s)-
Executive Website-
Custom email addressOptional
Article Writing AssistanceOptional
Professional Headshot-
Digital Dirt Removal-
Network Analysis-
Social Media-
Linkedin Optimization-
Micro Certifications-
Reference DevelopmentOptional
Headhunter Optional


Fastest Way To Find A Job

Customized To Meet Your Needs

Research Project(s)-
Executive Bio(s)-
Executive Website-
Custom email address-
Executive Stationary-
Postal Mail Campaign-
Value Proposition Letter(s)-
EMail Campaign-
Interview Prep-
Article Writing Assistance-
Professional Headshot-
Digital Dirt Removal-
Contacts Analysis-
Interview Followup-
Company Capsules-
Social Media-
Linkedin Optimization-
Reference Verification(s)-
Interview Debrief-
Micro Certifications-
Executive Profiles-
Reference Development-
Hand Signed-
Concealed Search-
Virtual Admin-
Headhunter -
Micro Credentials-
Private PhoneOptional


TitleShort Description
Research HourlyYou choose a topic, we do the research
Research Project(s)-
Resume(s)Most people need multiple resumes
Linkedin Optimization 
Executive Bio(s) 
Value Proposition Letter(s) 
Executive Website 
Executive Stationary 
Postal Mail Campaign 
EMail Campaign 
Interview Prep 
Article Writing Assistance 
Prof Photo Shoot 
Digital Dirt Removal 
Contacts Analysis 
Interview followup 
Company SnapShot(s) 
Custom email address 
Social Media 
Reference Verification(s) 
Interview Debrief 
Interview Followup 
Micro Certifications 
executive profile 
reference development 
handwritten letters 
concealed search 
virtual admin 
daily summaries 
credit repair 
micro credentials 

This program allows you to select
the specific items you need. Note not
all items are available A-La-Carte.

COMPANY snapshot

This program drills down into a specific company
you may already be in contact with the company.
Note not all items are available .

TitleBrief Description
Research HourlyResearch Project
Resume - ReviewLinkedin - Review
Executive BioValue Proposition
Executive WebsiteExecutive Stationary
Interview PrepArticle Writing Assistance
Prof Photo ShootDigital Dirt
Contacts AnalysisInterview followup
Daily Alerts 


Keep Your Search Private

Coming Soon


Customized for each client

TitleBrief Description
Send DocsResume, Bio, Preferred Jobs, Preferred Companies
Initial Consultation30 Minutes
Followup ConsultationsAs Needed
OthersBy Proposal


Thrive in challenging environments

Coming Soon

Handling Difficult
Interview Questions prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

Difficult questions are easy to handle if you anticipate them, rehearse your answers, deliver the message naturally.1. Tell me about yourself.
Keep it simple: early life, education, summary of work history, most recent experience. Keep the whole thing under 1 minute.
2. What do you know about our company?
Pull key information from the company brief you developed on them: revenue, products / services, successes, problems. Above all keep it positive.
3. What are the key industry trends we are facing?
Give at least 2 trends: technical, economic, regulatory or environmental.
4. What can you do that someone else can't?
Build yourself up. Weave your track record and the needs of the job together.
5. Why should I hire you?
Accomplishments, Energy, Experience, Vision, Leadership Skills.
6. Why are you leaving your job?
Talk about this opportunity. Don't mention any negatives with prior jobs.
7. What do you think are the measures of success of this position?
Discuss the appropriate metrics.
8. How long will it take for you to get up to speed?
Depending on the situation it could be, I'm ready now or up to a week.
9. What is your management style?
Discuss your style.
10. Tell me about situations where you have fired people.
Keep it factual, no names, by the book.
11. What do you look for when you hire people?
Intellect, problem solving, expertise, experience, personality..
12. How successful do you feel you have been?
If you are interviewing for a executive position you have been very successful. Be confident but don't oversell yourself.
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5 Reasons Your Resume May Be Rejected prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

1. The Robot Rejected You.
Many Hr organizations use Robots to scan your resume for keywords. If your resume doesn't include the right keywords it may never be read by a human.
2. Typos or Poor Grammar.3. Poor Fit: Background / Experience.
Prune and focus your experience to emphasize what is important to the job at hand.
4. Your social medial accounts.
Get rid of offensive or controversial content in your social media accounts.
5. Not Dollarizing Your Value.
What skills do you have? What do you bring to the table? Have you increased your company's bottom line?

5 Things To Do When You Lose Your Job prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

1. Update Your Resume.
Most people automatically think to update their resume. Try to keep the length to 1-2 pages. If its been a long time since its been updated, you may need to have a professional resume writer revise it or at least review for consistency. Keep digital (pdf) and print copies on hand.
You will also need a networking card that includes your name, a value proposition, your email address, mobile number, and at least one social media id: facebook, twitter or linkedin. Keep the card simple and elegant, use good heavy card stock.2. Update Your Online Profiles.
Scrub your online profiles (facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, ect..) take down anything that might negatively influence a potential employer.
3. Notify Your Professional Network.
Reach out personally to each person in your professional network, tell them what you are looking for.
4. Create A Personal Marketing Brief
Develop a concise, one page document, include Targeted industries and companies.
5. Get Busy
Getting a job is you new job.
BONUS6. Get Your References In Order
Contact potential references before you need them. Vett them before using them as references.
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Executives: The Right Way to Followup After an Interview prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

Timely followup at the right time after completing an interview will increase your chances of getting the job offer. The right followup can keep you in the mind of the hiring manager and reinforce that you are the right person for the job.1. Send a Thank You Note
You can send a email or a handwritten note but ultimately, a handwritten note will make a bigger impact. The note should be custom, written on executive stationary and no boilerplate text. Thank the hiring manager for the opportunity and the time. Tell why you are the right person for the job.
2. Immediately After The Interview
Analyze each person you talked to, including receptionists and secretaries. Write down the key points of the interviews. What were the big questions? Do this starting with your 1st contact with the company that way you can build a consistent set of answers. Make a note of anything you forgot to say as you can weave it into future conversations or interviews. Remember don't stress your analysis, the more you analyze, the more critical you will become.
3. When to Contact the Employer
Mail the thank you note the same day you interview, the next day at the latest. Before you leave the interview ask the hiring manager the timeframe for making the hiring decision and how he/she prefers for you to followup. End the note with something like: "I look forward to hearing from you soon".
4. Always be Professional
Don't come across too relaxed, write with a professional tone. If using snail mail, hand write a message on high quality stationary.
5. Project a Positive Tone
Focus on projecting a positive interview experience, do not talk about anything negative.
6. Send A Simple Note
Keep it simple:
Thanks for discussing the challenges facing the next CEO. My background and qualifications are a unique fit. I hope to hear from you soon.
7. Frequency
Followup no more than once per week.
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Linkedin For Senior Executives prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

Where does Linkedin fit in the senior executive’s online presence? Is it your Resume? your network? Your branding tool? It can be these things and more. How you position your profile depends on a variety of factors, is your search low profile? Confidential, One thing is certain, your profile is not a stand alone tool, it needs support, it is not a resume.Update your profile at least once per year or more often if appropriate.:Header
Include your job title and a short high level overview of your experience. It should talk to your target audience.
Use Your Real NamePhotograph
Upload a recent business quality headshot photo. Strongly consider using a professional studio photographer. Profiles without photos are usually ignored by recruiters and hiring managers.
Show your value, dollarize, use numbers, hiring managers and recruiters zero in on this section; it should be keyword rich but informative and to the point. Ideally your summary should be 3-5 short paragraphs, preferably with bullets. Write in the 1st person.
Include companies you worked for, when and in what capacity. Tell results achieved. Show current skills not dated skills.
List the educational institutions you attended even if you did not graduate. Be clear about degrees earned. Be careful with dates, it is not necessary to indicate when you received degrees, that can indicate your age in some instances.
Interests, Volunteer Experiences or Languages
Showcase uniques experiences that set you apart from the crowd.
Personalize Your Linkedin URL
It makes you look more professional, more memorable.
Become an Author
Write, publish your work on Linkedin, share your unique perspective of recent industry developments.
How to connect with me on LinkedinSend me a personal note that gives me a reason to connect with you. If I don’t know you and you don’t take the time to write a note, I won’t connect with you.Do business with me, I like connecting with people I know.Get referred by someone I know and trust.Connect With Bill on Linkedin

Executives: Why Should I Hire You? prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

"Why Should I Hire You" is a common interview question it is usually asked during a fact to face interview, after a hiring manager has short-listed you. He / she has an interest and now wants to dig below the surface to see how good of a fit you are and if they like you.This is a question you need to NAIL as It gives you the opportunity to control your narrative by mapping your accomplishments, strengths, motivations and personality to the expectations of the interviewer.Remember to customize your delivery and show how the interviewer or his / her organization will benefit from you coming on board.Tell your story in a way that the interviewer can visualize you as the best fit.First, take a moment to mentally review any job requirements or specs you have knowledge of then quickly review your conversations to date.Be certain your social profiles and written documents are consistent with the story you tell.During the interview flush out concerns the interviewer may haveDo your homework, know the situation of the company, the industry, the environment.Is this the hiring manager? How much influence does this person have in the organization? What is his/her background? What is the culture of the company? What are they really looking for? It the business a success or has it fallen on difficult times. Remember fortunes can change overnight.A Hiring managers thinking is as follows::
Can I manage this person?
Can he/she perform the requirements of the job?
Will this person be excited about working here?
Will this hire make me look good?
Your main focus will be to show how you will contribute to the company. Don't just list your past accomplishments, summarize the near term challenges of the job, the business environment, tell a few specifics about what you will do to get the company on track.

Answering Difficult Interview Questions prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

You may be asked some or all of the following questions. Become familiar with them and develop answers you are comfortable with. Practice your delivery until it becomes natural.

What can you do for us that someone else can’t?Tell me about an accomplishment you are especially proud of.What have you not accomplished in your current job that you wish you had?Tell me about a time you made the wrong decision.What are your failures and what did you learn from them?What would you want to accomplish in your first 90 days in this job?It’s been a long time since you upgraded your education, how do you stay up to date on the latest trends?How would a former manager describe you?Tell me about a time you handled an angry or difficult customer.What are your salary requirements?What is your current salary?What salary do you think you deserve?Describe a time when you disagreed with your boss.What are your hobbies?Why were you promoted when others were not?Describe the first time you fired someone. The most recent time you fired someone.What should I know about you that I haven’t already asked?Describe your management style, your leadership style.Do you like sales?Describe an interesting problem and how you solved it.What excites you? Describe yourself.Tell me about a book you recently readWhat tools or systems do you need in order to be successful?What is your favorite movie of all time?How did you prepare for this interview?What on your resume is the closest thing to a lie?

Interview Questions To Ask prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

These questions are listed in no particular order and should be asked in the general flow of a conversation. Some of the questions are similar. Choose the ones you like and adjust them to your style of speech.

All Companies

What are your selection criteria?What skills are necessary to be great at this job?What are the immediate challenges of this position?What process will be used to evaluate my performance?Why is this position open? Where is the person who was previously in the position?What are the things I need to do to be successful?What issues or challenges about your job “the interviewers” keep you up at night?What’s your turnover rate?Can you describe the role of this position and the key success requirements?What’s your timeline for the next steps?What’s your timeframe for making the hiring decision?Describe the general culture of the company.May I contact you if I have additional questions? Note: Get contact info or business card.

Private Companies

How much cash do you have in the bank?Are your financials current? If not what is the most recent month you closed the books?Who are your investors?What is your monthly burn rate?Who are your top customers?Can I see a live demonstration of your product?Can I review your Cap Table?

Ace The Interview prepares Executives
for their next C-Suite opportunity.

If you want to guarantee your interviews go well do the following:Research the company before the interview.Research each member of the executive team.Research the company’s culture.Role play or practice your questions and answers.Get a copy of the job requirements or request the job specification.Prepare a list of insightful questions to ask interviewers, by job function.Don't Speak negatively about your job or supervisor.Update your resume, bring an electronic copy with you, dropbox.Update your social profiles.Followup, collect contact info.


The Hidden MarketOpportunities controlled by retained recruiters.Situations where a company knows it must make a
change, there is a person occupying the position
but the company has not acted.
Companies want to build out the executive team,
create new positions.

The Visible MarketLinkedin and other job sites. Thousands of people
apply for the same job (some are qualified, many are not).
The focus is to sell your data.
Contingency Recruiters, multiple companies compete to fill the
same job order.


- There are fewer senior executive opportunities (Bankruptcies & Mergers).
- There is an oversupply of qualified executives competing for openings.- "Well Qualified" does not guarantee you will get the job or an interview.- Compensation and Benefits drive high interest in C-Suite jobs.Bottom Line
- A C-Suite job seeker should use every ethical and legal edge possible to land the job they seek.
- 748Media's exclusive focus is to help C-Suite Executives discover hidden job opportunities and prepare them for the interview / hiring process.

Our Background748Media was formed after the founding team reflected on how they found jobs thru-out their careers. The best opportunities came thru direct contact, referrals and retained recruiters.748Media takes it steps further, uses proactive methods to uncover unadvertised C-Suite opportunities for our members.Our Managing Partner, Bill Mitchell, has been a member of the management teams of two IPOs, Cypress Semiconductor and ONSemiconductor. As CEO he led and successfully merged MEMs Optical, a venture capital funded manufacturer of sensors and micro-optical components with Jenoptik GMBH.He currently heads GarageSeeds, µ-Private Equity Operators and Seed Entrepreneurs.Contact Bill if you are ever in Scottsdale, AZ.


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A: its never too early to strengthen your network and become known.
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