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Your dedicated team works 1:1 with you to understand your goal, and creates a personalized playbook detailing the steps to .

Your dedicated team works 1:1 with you to determine your goal, and the steps to take to reach them

Our Dedicated one-on-one Support Develops Your
Personalized PlayBook, It's The Fastest Way To
Uncover Hidden Job Opportunities And Connect
Directly To Decision Makers While Minimizing
Your Risk Of Over Exposure.

People Hire People They Like



Career Development

Executive Presence


Job Offers

Job Search Process






Personal Branding



Reputation Management




Thank You Notes

Recruiters prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

NEW: Tell recruiters these things.

Recruiters look at more than your Linkedin account.

Job Search Process prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

NEW: Focus on the job search process.

Reasons you might not get job offers.

AGE DISCRIMINATION prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Summary Bullets

Focus on expertise and fit.
Show energy and passion.
Show how you are unique.
Keep your skills current.
Stay positive.

748Media Exclusives

Linkedin For Senior Executives

Supplemental Readings

NEW: Lets talk about age discrimination.

NEW: My illness helped me land a dream job.

Ways older workers combat age discrimination.

Looking for a job when you are older.

Security prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

NEW: Secure Your Twitter Account.

Your identity can be stolen in 45 minutes.

Salary prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

NEW: Tricky Salary Questions.

NEW: Think twice before revealing previous salary.

Phrases to avoid when discussing salary.

Interviews prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Handling Salary Expectation Questions.

Worst final round interview mistakes.

Ways interviewers learn what you are really like.

NEW: Survive awkward Interview situations

Job Offers prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Job Offer Red Flags.

Check these items before signing a job offer

The right way to accept a job offer.

Rules for negotiating a job offer.

NEW: Respectfully, decline a job offer.

Career Development prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Summary Bullets

Take care of your health.
Never stop learning.

Supplemental Readings

Take control of your career.

Get your career on track.

The best mentors ask these questions.

NEW: Essential career lessons.

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Summary Bullets

Get others to talk about themselves.
Give genuine informed compliments

Exclusive To

Why Should I Hire You?

Supplemental Readings

Make a great 1st impression.

Body language mistakes.

Avoid negative speech habits.

Proper way to introduce people.

Reframing, Recasting negative conversations.

NEW: A Long Lasting 1st Impression

Leadership prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

7 Signs People Trust Your Leadership.

Thank You Notes prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Writing a thank you note.

Linkedin prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Summary Bullets Exclusives

Linkedin For Senior Executives

2 things your Linkedin profile must have

Essential Parts of your Linkedin.

Leave these off your resume and Linkedin.

Make your resume & Linkedin look professional.

Resume prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Your Resume has 5 seconds to grab attention

Turn your resume into interesting stories.

Use numbers to highlight accomplishments.

Linkedin For Senior Executives prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

Where does Linkedin fit in the senior executive’s online presence? Is it your Resume? your network? Your branding tool? It can be these things and more. How you position your profile depends on a variety of factors, is your search low profile? Confidential, One thing is certain, your profile is not a stand alone tool, it needs support, it is not a resume.

Update your profile at least once per year or more often if appropriate.:

Include your job title and a short high level overview of your experience. It should talk to your target audience.

Use Your Real Name

Upload a recent business quality headshot photo. Strongly consider using a professional studio photographer. Profiles without photos are usually ignored by recruiters and hiring managers.

Show your value, dollarize, use numbers, hiring managers and recruiters zero in on this section; it should be keyword rich but informative and to the point. Ideally your summary should be 3-5 short paragraphs, preferably with bullets. Write in the 1st person.

Include companies you worked for, when and in what capacity. Tell results achieved. Show current skills not dated skills.

List the educational institutions you attended even if you did not graduate. Be clear about degrees earned. Be careful with dates, it is not necessary to indicate when you received degrees, that can indicate your age in some instances.

Interests, Volunteer Experiences or Languages
Showcase uniques experiences that set you apart from the crowd.

Personalize Your Linkedin URL
It makes you look more professional, more memorable.

Become an Author
Write, publish your work on Linkedin, share your unique perspective of recent industry developments.

How to connect with me on Linkedin

Send me a personal note that gives me a reason to connect with you. If I don’t know you and you don’t take the time to write a note, I won’t connect with you.

Do business with me, I like connecting with people I know.

Get referred by someone I know and trust.

Connect With Bill on Linkedin

Why Should I Hire You?
Bill Mitchell prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

"Why Should I Hire You" is a common interview question it is usually asked during a fact to face interview, after a hiring manager has short-listed you. He / she has an interest and now wants to dig below the surface to see how good of a fit you are and if they like you.

This is a question you need to NAIL as It gives you the opportunity to control your narrative by mapping your accomplishments, strengths, motivations and personality to the expectations of the interviewer.

Remember to customize your delivery and show how the interviewer or his / her organization will benefit from you coming on board.

Tell your story in a way that the interviewer can visualize you as the best fit.

First, take a moment to mentally review any job requirements or specs you have knowledge of then quickly review your conversations to date.

Be certain your social profiles and written documents are consistent with the story you tell.

During the interview flush out concerns the interviewer may have

Do your homework, know the situation of the company, the industry, the environment.

Is this the hiring manager? How much influence does this person have in the organization? What is his/her background? What is the culture of the company? What are they really looking for? It the business a success or has it fallen on difficult times. Remember fortunes can change overnight.

A Hiring managers thinking is as follows::
Can I manage this person?
Can he/she perform the requirements of the job?
Will this person be excited about working here?
Will this hire make me look good?

Your main focus will be to show how you will contribute to the company. Don't just list your past accomplishments, summarize the near term challenges of the job, the business environment, tell a few specifics about what you will do to get the company on track.

Answering Difficult Interview Questions
Bill Mitchell prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

You may be asked some or all of the following questions. Become familiar with them and develop answers you are comfortable with. Practice your delivery until it becomes natural.

What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

Tell me about an accomplishment you are especially proud of.

What have you not accomplished in your current job that you wish you had?

Tell me about a time you made the wrong decision.

What are your failures and what did you learn from them?

What would you want to accomplish in your first 90 days in this job?

It’s been a long time since you upgraded your education, how do you stay up to date on the latest trends?

How would a former manager describe you?

Tell me about a time you handled an angry or difficult customer.

What are your salary requirements?

What is your current salary?

What salary do you think you deserve?

Describe a time when you disagreed with your boss.

What are your hobbies?

Why were you promoted when others were not?

Describe the first time you fired someone. The most recent time you fired someone.

What should I know about you that I haven’t already asked?

Describe your management style, your leadership style.

Do you like sales?

Describe an interesting problem and how you solved it.

What excites you? Describe yourself.

Tell me about a book you recently read

What tools or systems do you need in order to be successful?

What is your favorite movie of all time?

How did you prepare for this interview?

What on your resume is the closest thing to a lie?

Interview Questions To Ask
Bill Mitchell prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

These questions are listed in no particular order and should be asked in the general flow of a conversation. Some of the questions are similar. Choose the ones you like and adjust them to your style of speech.

All Companies

What are your selection criteria?

What skills are necessary to be great at this job?

What are the immediate challenges of this position?

What process will be used to evaluate my performance?

Why is this position open? Where is the person who was previously in the position?

What are the things I need to do to be successful?

What issues or challenges about your job “the interviewers” keep you up at night?

What’s your turnover rate?

Can you describe the role of this position and the key success requirements?

What’s your timeline for the next steps?

What’s your timeframe for making the hiring decision?

Describe the general culture of the company.

May I contact you if I have additional questions? Note: Get contact info or business card.

Private Companies

How much cash do you have in the bank?

Are your financials current? If not what is the most recent month you closed the books?

Who are your investors?

What is your monthly burn rate?

Who are your top customers?

Can I see a live demonstration of your product?

Can I review your Cap Table?

Ace The Interview
Bill Mitchell prepares C-Suite Executives
for their next career opportunity.

If you want to guarantee your interviews go well do the following:

Research the company before the interview.

Research each member of the executive team.

Research the company’s culture.

Role play or practice your questions and answers.

Get a copy of the job requirements or request the job specification.

Prepare a list of insightful questions to ask interviewers, by job function.

Don't Speak negatively about your job or supervisor.

Update your resume, bring an electronic copy with you, dropbox.

Update your social profiles.

Followup, collect contact info.

Bill Mitchell is an exclusive network of C-Suite Executives preparing for their next career opportunity.






Ice Breakers

Social Media

Personal Branding

Current Situation

Job Opportunities

Contact Visualization

Mock Interviews

Personalized Services


The Hidden Market

Opportunities controlled by retained recruiters.

Situations where a company knows it must make a
change, there is a person occupying the position
but the company has not acted.

Companies want to build out the executive team,
create new positions.

The Visible Market

Linkedin and other job sites. Thousands of people
apply for the same job (some are qualified, many are not).
The focus is to sell your data.

Contingency Recruiters, multiple companies compete to fill the
same job order.


There are fewer senior executive opportunities (Bankruptcies & Mergers).
There is an oversupply of qualified executives competing for openings.
"Well Qualified" does not guarantee you will get the job or an interview.
Compensation and Benefits drive high interest in C-Suite jobs.
Bottom Line
A C-Suite job seeker should use every ethical and legal edge possible to land the job they seek.
748Media's exclusive focus is to help C-Suite Executives discover hidden job opportunities and prepare them for the interview / hiring process.

Our Background

748Media was formed after the founding team reflected on how they found jobs thru-out their careers. The best opportunities came thru direct contact, referrals and retained recruiters.

748Media takes it steps further, uses proactive methods to uncover unadvertised C-Suite opportunities for our members.

Our Managing Partner, Bill Mitchell, has been a member of the management teams of two IPOs, Cypress Semiconductor and ONSemiconductor. As CEO he led and successfully merged MEMs Optical, a venture capital funded manufacturer of sensors and micro-optical components with Jenoptik GMBH.

He currently heads GarageSeeds, µ-Private Equity Operators and Seed Entrepreneurs.

Contact Bill if you are ever in Scottsdale, AZ.


Q: Please define C-Suite experience?
Managing Director, Managing Partner

Q: Can members be located outside the USA.
A: Yes, a member can reside in almost any country but they
should be looking for a job in the USA.

Q: I'm not looking for a new job right now
how will becoming a member help me?
A: You may not be in an active job hunting
mode but staying aware of opportunities
and building your brand reputation
"passive mode" helps in the
long term.

Q: I have a suggestion.
A: Click Here, we usually respond
within 24 hours.

Q: I am on a short timeline, can you help?
A: Yes, some of our optional services will
help jumpstart your search

Q: What messaging apps can I use to contact you?
A: Signal and Telegram are our primary
communication tools.
For less sensitive info we use email.

Q: What are the membership requirements ?
_A: C-Suite experience is the primary factor.

Q: Do you sell my information?
A: No, we do not sell your information.

Q: Can I get a list of the other members?
A: No. The membership list is confidential.

Q: How do you protect my Information?
A: We story your information offline.
We communicate with you thru
secure messaging Apps
Telegram or WhatsApp

Q: Do you give my info. to recruiters?
A: No, when a recruiter shares a job spec
with us, we share the spec with you.
You can contact the recruiter if the
opportunity interests you.

Q: Do you share my Information with companies?
A: No, when a company shares a job spec
with us, we share the spec with you.
You can contact the company if the
opportunity interests you.